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Kersia is a collaboration of 5 major companies that have joined forces to bring together their expertise. This company specifically (Kersia Ireland/Medentech) is broken into three sectors: Water Purification, Hospital Disinfection, and agriculture. They are infection control in these three areas, and their water purification tablets (Aquatabs) are currently number 1 in the world for the purification of water in places like Africa. Their hospital disinfection area is broken down into both tablets and liquids to accommodate different regions requirements. Specifically, they specialize in surface disinfection and medical devices. Their agri sector products help in the growth and development of livestock. Numerous trials have been completed with the products with positive and effective results. Another service Kersia provides is training to their customers on any products they should wish to purchase in order to educate them as well as to ensure they are receiving the best results from the products they offer. They also provide regulatory services as well as quality and innovation.

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