DIRTT is a leading technology-driven manufacturer of highly customized interiors. DIRTT is underpinned by a strong entrepreneurial culture and provides a unique, end-to-end customer solution for the inefficient and fragmented construction industry. While headquartered in Canada, DIRTT is proud operate a manufacturing facility in Savannah, Georgia.

DIRTT is revolutionizing the interior construction industry. They are not just selling a product, but a whole new way of design and construction that saves the end user time and money while delivering a superior completed space. National Office Systems, as the local distributor of DIRTT, could see that the price of freight from Calgary to the Eastern United States was always going to be a speed bump. That is until this visionary company opened is factory and distribution center in Savannah. This facility was meant only to supply the eastern US, but once DIRTT was up and running, they realized that this was the best place due to a great labor force and perfect location to supply Eastern Canada, Europe, and the Middle East.
— Scott Center - Owner of National Office Systems


Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta

Manufacturing facilities in Savannah

Technology-enabled manufacturer of custom interiors and developer of ICE® 3D design and specification software

More than 900 employees

Committed to environmentally sustainable behaviors and construction

Winner of numerous national and international awards for innovation, environmental stewardship and unique corporate culture


DIRTT works to create a positive shift in the construction industry by placing as much value on the environment and people as they do on beautiful and functional design. DIRTT uses technology to create custom prefab interiors with minimal waste, fast lead times and a precise fit and finish.